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“A sweet guitar and sultry vocal punctuates Sally Crosby’s work; the sound of a singer songwriter coming of age and finding her niche sound to rise above the norm. There’s a distinct wisdom to Crosby’s lead song “First World”, available to stream below. Simple yet evocative lyrics are pulled to the forefront, with a whimsical violin dancing lightly over images of the moon and sun. The mid-Wales musician is no stranger to the British folk scene, counting Laura Marling and Noah and the Whale as her icons and omitting a noise similar to Josephine Foster and Gemma Hayes in her darker moments. Crosby began to make music at the beginning of the year but has quickly built up a good report, recording live sessions in her bedroom and playing gigs in – of all the places – Switzerland recently.

- Tiffany Daniels, Drunken Werewolf (Nov 29, 2013)